Co-Working spaces are available in 30% lower rental in traditional spaces. The property of flexible workspaces is lower with higher advantages. Business startups and budding entrepreneurs can make rental spaces like Office Space, Birthday parties, Team meetings, Musical performance, etc. The  Business people can start their career with this space rental business to make a successful and profitable business. Trioangle technologies provides a space rental script with full technical support and the script was done with latest and advanced technologies. Makent Space

Co-working space:


It is an open layout concept and can be shared with a co-working office. In this space environment, there will be amenities provided like wifi, printer, furniture and more. These kinds of space usually come with a readymade interior to occupy with along with the amenities


Traditional Space:


It acts as a private space such as headquarters specifically for your company. These traditional spaces will have designated conference rooms for group meetings and corporate resources. The spaces have complete control over all the technologies.




The monthly average rental space for co-working spaces is between a 50$ – 100$ per desk. Traditional spaces between 60$ – 120$ per desk for office spaces. So you can see that nowadays the space rental businesses are making a good profit through their rental spaces. Let us dive a little deeper to see what the space rental market has in its trends.


The trending rental business:


Here, We are from Trioangle Technologies providing the best web and mobile application developments. In our company, we have invented a rental software script to start a new business in the rental market and launch a profitable online venture.


Let us see about our Makent Space – Space Rental Script


Makent Space:


Makent space is a space rental script to start a business on renting space like office space, birthday parties, Team meetings, Musical performance, etc. We have possibly made this script for people to rent space from other people with confidence. 


Workflow Of Makent Space:


The space provider will list his space with all the features in his space with detailed information like price, date and time, etc. After a space provider listing his spaces. The event organizer will search for his comfortable space, while the event organizer chooses this space, the event organizer can book the spaces. After booking, the space provider should accept the bookings within 24hrs or otherwise, the booking will be canceled or another option, there will be an instant booking option for some space, according to the space providers wish. When the user has an instant payment option, the option directly goes through the payment options through a credit card or Paypal option. The admin will deduct his commission and the amount was transferred to space providers. In case of any kind of issues, an admin will take responsibility to take care of issues and admin has control of blocking event organizers and space providers.


Our Offer:


The entrepreneurs have a separate admin web panel to monitor a website and can manage all the resources going through the website like payment options, languages, currencies, users, and more options are available for the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs can customize a web panel like yours.


We are offering this script with the latest and advanced technologies. PHP, AngularJs, HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, Java, Swift technologies are used in this space rental script. Once you complete a payment option, we will provide you with a 100% source code with free installation, technical support, and customization. To know more details about Makent Space tap here: Overview of Space Rental Script


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