Have you ever heard of the clone script? If not then clone script is nothing but cloning of popular app or website which is available in the market. The clone script can help entrepreneurs, startups and small companies to start their own business at a reasonable cost.

For example, UberEats Clone Script helps you to start your own online food delivery business with ease. You can also optimize the clone script to your needs and customize it for your target audience. Many companies offer different packages of clone script that you can opt for package and features that you need.

It is very important to have a checklist before you buy a clone script for your business. Here are the top 5 things to notice before you buy a clone script.

Ask For Demo:

Most of the companies are providing free demo for their customers. Try the demo of the app or website and look for the usability and functionality of the app.

Analyze The Market:

There are a wide variety of clone scripts are available in the market and it’s sold by companies as well as freelancers. I prefer you to choose companies because they are dependable and provide more support than freelancers. I recommend you to get a quote from companies and choose the one which suits you.


After purchase, many companies will charge you a ton of money for customization. So be cautious and know what price range for customization.  Read the terms and conditions and know more about the company you purchase.


Many companies sell clone scripts with different packages which range in different prizes. Think wisely select premium packages because you are going to buy clone scripts only once.

Hire a Technical Guy:

If you are not a technical guy, then hire one to check the clone script and support you with the process. It is good to have a small team to test your clone script as well as customize it for you. You can also use your own ideas and optimize your clone scripts like adding new features, bug fixes with the help of your team.

Thus, now you know things to notice before buying the clone script. If you are interested in clone scripts to start a business then, here are some which help you in the process.

If you want to build a fully customized app then check out the link (Food delivery app clone) to know more.