24/7 access to the service is possible with improvements in technology. A business with software can reach their customers more quickly and provide services in every scenario. Customers wish to enjoy the liberty to access and edit their account details, track any orders, receive perks, or engage with the company. The popular report says that the number of internet users worldwide in 2018 is 4.021 billion. Irrespective of the type of business software is common and needed in this digital era.

In a property rental business, a well-packed best working software can be developed or got in the online market. If you are in need of one such ping to [email protected].

If you wish to develop one, here is the module checklist and technology stack for the best working rental property software.

Craft Your Software With Cutting-Edge Technologies:

A best working, reliable property rental website or portal is required to interconnect host and guest. A strong backend service can store and hold all data entered, for that you can choose,

  • PHP, the world’s most popular server-side scripting language.
  • Angular.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for developing a diverse variety of server tools and applications.
  • Laravel – Best known PHP frameworks on the market right now. Laravel meets a diverse range of programming needs and projects, from beginner to advanced, and is well suited for projects of all types and sizes popular for its elegance and simplicity.
  • Amazon Web Services for a robust backend of cloud-based software.
  • Java for Android Application.
  • Swift for iOS Application.

Checklist To Develop Best Rental Property Software:

Checklist To Develop Best Rental Property Software

On-boarding Module: Baby steps to enter the rental software will be the authenticated login module. Foremost important module to build the rental property system a secured one. One can be the owner or a renter of the space, it is the only gateway to enter the system

  • Sign up: New users, give their details and join the rental community. Our property rental software integrated with social media allows the user to signup with them like Facebook, Gmail or email.
  • Verify profile:  Authenticated users enter the system with a strict checking process. That is through social media like Facebook, Gmail or email. Finally!! now they are authenticated the user to enjoy the services.
  • Log In: Existing users can enter app or software, with details given while signing up.

Profile Module: There is no chaos with the dual profile. People who wish to list and book property can move with a single profile and dashboard.

  • Create Profile: Built a strong profile by adding details to the fields like Name, gender, birth date and user email id as essentials, so that they can strengthen their profile with options. These details are stored save with strong backend.
  • Edit profile: Facts given by user can be changed by them, if there is any mistake or miscomprehend in their profile.
  • Badging Module: Elevate the user’s listings and profile with special badges and enrich the property rental system.

Dashboard Module: A single monitor to list out, the performance of the host with perfect detailing that includes their earnings, transaction history, how well their listing is on. Immediate response to requests and invite friends is possible.

Wide Filtering Module: Original play starts here, clean code of sorting and searching algorithms, operates the module smoothly. It is the second most processing module, where users get impressed with its performance.

  • Advanced Search Filter: The system inquiries the user’s needs (place, time and accommodation details). In a more specific way, the user can filter down and finalize their desired listing.
  • Instant Booking: Just a few taps to book a property, it is true with instant booking.
  • Quick Search: Robust algorithm coded behind portraits friendly interface that is searched and lined up according to the user’s requirements.
  • Location Pointing: Google map API integrated extracts the local listings surrounded in a preferred area and pinpoints it perfectly.

Clear View Module: Here, a finalized property is viewed clearly with its amenities, attractive images, and videos etc. It is an absolute module that states the present in digitally. Succinct description, alluring shots, live videos, transparent ratings & reviews, details about rentals check our affordability, helps to fix the listing for rentals.

Booking Module: Followed to a brief view of the desired listing, booking modules come into the account.

  • Checkout: The guest who books the property, specifies the dates on check-in and checkout and number of travelers accompanied. With these specifications, the system bills down clearly.
  • Booking: The property excluded under instant booking is noted as the reservation. If the guest book such a reservation, the request will be sent to host with a message. The online property rental system is connected in such a way that request is notified immediately to the host which helps to pre-accept the request.
  • Response: Better communication clear doubts and clarifications easily. Include this vital module for the enhancement of the property rental business. Also include attributes like response rate, response time, languages known by the host will improve the conversion rate.

Payment Module: After confirmation of reservation, the host makes ultra-fast and safe payment transactions here. With trustable payment apps integrated and multiple payment gateways ease the work of users.

  • Itinerary: A digital slip shows the confirmation code, check out details, number of days, payment details, cancellation policy and an option to print the itinerary. It can be shared to anyone
  • Review Module: Transparency of the system and listing are shown in this review module. Here users both guests and hosts will share their experience. Rental property software segregates this module neatly and it is convenient to list out.

Space Listing Module: Switch to host, the one who owns the rental property exhibits their rental space online using the property rental system. A distinct view of property is seen in the clear view of a listing. Fetches appropriate listing while it is demanded by the system, is possible with robust backend

  • Primary Listing: The basics of the system like the type of space, rooms, capacity of the space and exact location of the listing.
  • Secondary Listing: Followed by primary one includes the details about rooms, attractive snaps, streaming videos, amenities along with a crispy description.
  • Customized Pricing: Up next will be the pricing module. The host has full freedom to set pricing, also the system categorizes as the base price for nights, additional price for cleaning fee, additional guest, security deposit and weekend pricing. Popularise the listing with fruitful discount options available in the software
  • Calendar: Integrated calendar  (iCalendar) through which availability of dates are set and maintained as it automatically syncs.

Noted Modules:

Credit To Invite: With this module, entrepreneurs can promote their business and set credits for inviting friends.

Cancellation Policies: Scenarios may be changed, the system must be flexible to every use case. In case, if users wish to cancel the booking, the system must provide varied options and comfort users in the process.

Dispute Management: Technology connects strangers for a need. In any unpleasant scenario or violation of home rules, the dispute between users should be managed.

Wish Lists: Space to include the favorite property to the guest bucket list. By which, they can book their desired ones as per the scenario.

Share The Favorites: Wished list can be shared to integrated social media so that the listings are known to a wide set of audience.

Space To Expand Business: Integrating multiple languages and multiple currencies help to widen the property rental business with the software.

Felicitate your property rental business with guidelines listed above.