Car rental is one of the blooming business these days. The quality of service from a car owner is gauged including the response and delivery option provided by them and also using many other traits. But this service cannot be bestowed without the technical support. The service app needs to provide a better communication platform and enable car owners to provide the details about the delivery availability.

Makent Cars is one of the perfect car rental script or car booking script that developed from the aspiration of Airbnb and customised perfectly for the car rental business. This script provides seamless experience for the business minds to revamp their business successfully. Also includes every splendid feature that Airbnb has for the space rental. But when it comes to car, it is a mobility property so if the user requested, then the car has to get delivered to them. So in the Makent cars we include adoptable features for the car delivery module.

Car Delivery Location Module in Makent Cars

When the Owner decides to earn money by renting his privately owned cars. Then while listing the service, Makent Cars will demand some basic details about the car.

In that the car owner can enlist the static location of the car owner residence, or can add multiple location to deliver the cars. This delivery can be done in both free or in paid service.

Delivery Location Feature In Makent Cars

Location – While listing the details, the car owner can add the static location where the car is available. So that when the rider search for the cars in a particular location your car will be displayed. In case if the user prefer, then can hail the car in the owner’s location, The car owner doesn’t want to deliver the car.

Delivery Location – The Car owners can add multiple delivery location details to deliver the car that is near to them. So that the rider can grab the car in their preferred particular area. The car owner can add the maximum coverage location in miles. And can charge for pay if the user want to deliver the car beyond the coverage miles.

Makent cars that is developed in the concept of Airbnb for cars allows you to add multiple delivery location without any hindrance. Also the admin from their panel can monitor and manage these delivery location module.

So to start the Car rental business, Makent cars is the best car booking script which provides ready made solution. To know about this feature in detail contact [email protected] or tap on Turo Clone