Hello everyone, This blog is for the entrepreneur who wanna kick-off business in dating script like Tinder.  I’m just going to spill the beans to the point. Before starting a business you have to think a thousand times.

Why I’m recommending Tinder clone script?  Coming to the point of developing a product like Tinder takes large amount of time & cost. If you have doubts, I have already written a blog about the cost for development check it out here: https://trioangle.com/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-to-make-an-app-like-tinder/

The entire process have to execute with proper steps then only you will get exact product like Tinder. Let’s come out from the thought of developing a product from scratch. Instant solution for kick off is move your thought to buy a readymade Tinder clone script. 

Dating app script  from Trioangle is an exact clone of Tinder. Another benefit of clone script is cost effective when compared to developing from underneath. 

Have a glance about Features and Functionality: 

Login  Process:- 

Two ways of login process takes places one is via facebook and another one is via phone number. The login method is so simple, so there is no need for expanding explanation. User can prefer any type of login method for entering into the app. 


Elegant profile panel:- 

User have to fill up the details specified in the app then only another user can know about you. So it is important to mention the details such as Profile image, job, company name, school, gender, about me, etc.


Location based match:- 

It’s an important feature in dating app. A user can just tap on the screen to view live suggestion just around them and can hook up with them. Nice option to get match around them selfs. 


Swipe right:-

Tinder gets famous because of this main feature swipe. User can experience online dating like playing games. Swiping right indicating the displayed profile is liked by the user and the swipe right profile is printed with “Like” batch.


Swipe Left:- 

Swiping left indicating the displayed profile is disliked by the user and the swipe left profile is printed with “Nope” batch.



Boost option is for the user who wants to place their profile at the top position at  surrounding for 30 minutes. 


Super Like:- 

User can use this option for more and more liked profile by swipe up or tap on super like icon.



Potential match is made between the both users experience swipe right. App will display like “ It is a Match”. 


Instant chat:-

Once the match is made the user can seamlessly chat with their match. Further meet for dating is depend upon their decision. 


Block User:- 

User can block any inappropriate user whenever they want. After that the profile will not show to the user. 


Entrepreneurs of this business earns revenue through subscription plans.  Subscription plan is nothing but the specific features can be accessed for payment. I think this blog explicit the truth about “Buy Ready made Tinder Clone Script For Kickoff” 


Thanks for reading this blog. Meet you soon as our client. 

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