“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” –  John Quincy Adams, these are the best quality of a person to lead a team. Most people acquire more talents than they ever get to use in their lives. Leaders are the one who inspires you a lot, even they may not be around you.

Leaders are not the one from another star, they may be your parents, friends, siblings, teachers or the seniors from our workplace. Why some people spend their time to motivate their people while others are busy with their own works? This thought differs the two people and brings one as a leader and other to remain same in their position to continue their routine works.

Let me narrate the best practice of leaders and from that you find yourself in as Leader or common man.

  • Leaders Motivate Others To Bring The Best:

Motivated words can make a tiny rock to a shining diamond. Both are look like same but the place where they are from makes the different. Healthy environment with motivational leader with talented co-workers will definitely have the ability to change the piece of rock into diamond.

Example: Discouraging an employee with the 70% of mistake done on the first attempt is merely unfavorable than encouraging him with the 30% of his good work. Even Though the work done is lower than the expectation but instead of demotivating them, it is much better to encourage them by giving some reference, examples of previous works will increase their will power and tend them to do better job.

  • Emphatic Intelligence & Adept In Problem Solving

A First and  Foremost behavior or the mindset of a leader should be they put themselves in another position shoes and think in that way.Even the lead is the one will be the responsible for the mistake done by team but he or she shouldn’t leave their team alone in front of  others. They have to find the cause of the problem and should think about the solution, instead of wasting time will the already committed mistake.

Example: On the day of project delivery, if the concern employee is not present due to the unavoidable situation in their personal life. Is that make any sense of contacting the concerned person and inviting them to work? Even though the employee came for the work, did he work effectively? But the true leaders will think in the person’s situation and try to sort out the problem with the available resources. It may take some extra time to solve the problem but he didn’t mind to do it.

  • Jovial & Open Minded

It is always not possible to expect a team with same characters, behavior, dedication and thoughts and if happens, then there is no possibilities for innovative works. The birthplace of innovation & creativity is under the lead with interesting different character with the capability of thinking innovative. Above all the successful leaders will happy to hear their team suggestions and ideas.

Example: In this era of digitization there is no use of following the old way of marketing with newspaper, TV and all. So it is very much needed for digital marketing and if an employee from a team came with a new idea to promote the product, the leaders will give them the chance to do their best.

  • Be Confident And Focus On Goals

When the future of your brand is worrisome and things aren’t going according to plan, whatever the business maybe, large or small, and the most important thing is not to panic. Part of your job as a leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same.

Example: There is no greater motivation than seeing the boss down in the trenches working alongside everyone else, showing that hard work is being done on every level. By proving your commitment to the brand and your role, you will earn the respect of your team, but will spray the same hardworking energy among your team.

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