Wanna move your rental business ahead?

Are you in an urge to commence a fresh start on different rental products?

Here is the finest solution for your desires, Makent Boats – The best boat rental software that is exclusively developed for boat rental business. A plethora of features and effective functionalities of this script will amaze the business visionaries and tends them to deploy it immediately. Makent Boats is built using the latest technologies, that is available in web apps.

From the inspiring business model of Airbnb, Trioangle provides rental management software for property, cars and boats. Many have been benefited, using these varied varieties of software for rentals, also you can incorporate your rental ideas of different products in our software. For more details contact [email protected].

Stack Of Features In Boat Rental Script :

A perfectly sculpted boat rental script works effectively with enormous features and functionalities, let’s discuss it.

Multiple Signups: Renters (one who books the rented) and owners (one who rents their own boats) are commonly called as users. Users can create a profile easily through multiple mediums. It may be renters, owners and admin profile are more important to manage and the script offers easy hassle-free profile management.

Detailed Listing: Through Makent boats, owners can list their unused boat details that include attractive text, pictures and video. Also includes details about the boat, its type, amenities present, the exact location of the rentals with Google API and varied pricing options etc. Renters get attracted easily with fully contented listing and books quickly, it builds trust also. As per the comfort and capacity of the boat, the owner can fix rental rates. Makent Boats offers diverse pricing option like,

  • Base Pricing: Boat owners can set daily pricing with it and choose currency option from the drop-down list.
  • Additional Pricing: Owner can set additional price for cleaning fee, captain fee, security deposit and weekend pricing while editing the listing.

Quick Booking: Initially our boat rental software, queries for the rental location and date. With this information, it lists out numerous boats for rentals in that area and comforts the users by booking the boat for rent instantly. For a flexible and affordable booking, Makent Boats offers varied boat booking options to renters, let’s have a look,

  • Length Of Stay Discount: Continuous day booking by the renter, on which the owner offers a discount on the same continuous days.
  • Last Minute Discount: The renter who is booking a property in a given number of days by the owner to enjoy the discount
  • Early bird: It is a pre-booking option. The discount is available for the renter, who books before 30 days of the arrival.

Secured Payment: In our boat rental script provides trustworthy payment gateways like PayPal and stripe payment methods. It also provides features like security deposit claim, dispute management when the renter or owner deals with violating rules while renting, can claim the disputed amount. Such dispute between owner and renter are managed through the admin panel.

Diverse Cancellation Policies: The renter can cancel the booking when they are not satisfied and when they consider owner and their listing is a reliable one and under uncertain conditions, can avail for cancellation policies. Flexible, moderate, strict are the 3 policies offered by our boat rental script.

Rate And Review: After a successful trip from rental boats, the renter can share their experience detaily through rating and reviews, also the owner can review the rental experience. This will encourage many on listing and booking.

Remarkable Features :

The fame of boat rental has been extended globally. Makent boats, best boat rental script provides support to multiple languages and currencies. A new iCalendar is used for the exchange of data from other calendar systems can be done. This business model stays has a revenue model for both owner and renter by listing and helps renters to earn credits by inviting their friends.

Admin Panel: From head to toe, the whole software is monitored easily through a single dashboard/panel. Admin is the one who manages renters, owners, their listings, earnings report. A healthy relationship between users by managing with varied policies like cancellation policies, refund policies and dispute management etc.

Wanted to start an online business on rentals, then avail to Makent Boats – Peer-To-Peer Boat Sharing Script. You can team up with Trioangle and get best services like,

  • Free server installation
  • Free app submission
  • Bug support
  • 24/7 support
  • 100 % source code
  • Free technical support
  • Free white labelling and many others.
  • One time delivery to the customers
  • Transparency of work.

Enjoy the real time experience with best boat rental script, demo credentials are available in the site, play around with our script. Watch its working on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MlmOfwimUk&t=1s