Transportation is a billion-dollar industry. Everyone wishes to be part of it. Car Rental business is a small element from it. Entrepreneurs who wish to scart a business on car rentals can get best technical support from Trioangle. Makent Cars – The best car rental script from Trioangle Technologies. A ready-made solution to start business with in 2 to 3 days. It’s revenue generating features and user-attracting functionalities are high lights. It comes into the market with intuitive web panels and native Android and iOS apps.

There are a lot more online car rental scripts available in the market. 

  • Specifically why should entrepreneurs choose Makent Cars? 
  • How unique they are?
  • What are the benefits does entrepreneurs come by with Makent Cars?

Exclusive Unique Features For Users In Airbnb Clone For Cars:

Comprehensive Car Listing:

To a car Booking script, booking and listing are the core activities  To the car owners, listing of their car is more important as, there they showcase their listing. A complete elaborated listing helps the car riders  to book the car without any doubts. Makent Cars collects minute details like seating capacity, fuel tank capacity, miles limit, fuel type, number of doors, number of airbag. With attractive photos & captions to be added, the listing will be unique and grabs the riders attention. 


Hassle-free booking of car for rentals, affords contented audience. Such vital operations are handled technically in Makent Cars. How?,They have inbuilt calendar system namely “iCal”. Using it car owners can see availability, block dates and reservation. If car owners has set car listings on another platform, no need be muddled with dates. They can simply sync the calendar and manage it seamlessly. If required they can remove the sync and export the calendar.


If any misconception about listing, owner or rider , or any damages on the car the rider can rise a claim to admin. Similarly car owners can do. 

Makent Cars comes into the market with this option and improves the trust among the people who rely on. Business aspirants improves their car rental business with more user base.

Owner Penalty:

The out-and-out rental process is online. Brand of the business, software effective features, the promises kept, policies set and services offered way improves the trust in the business.

Our Makent Cars – Airbnb Clone for cars,  builds trust with features like owner penalty, reviews, cancellation policies, seamless payment options etc. 

In owner penalty, if the car owner cancels the booking that are accepted once. Also if they exceeds the number of cancellation set by admin, the car owners will be penalised.

Invite Friends:

Users connected affords liveliness to the business in online platform. So increasing user base with product and services. 

In Makent Cars , connected users can earn credits by inviting friends to the car rental platform. This unique option increases the customer base.

Inbox Filters:

Instant notifications and inbox message, alers us and improves the communication between the people behind. An active users received a lot more messages, inbox filters reduces the annoyance created. Our car rental script segregates messages on booking request, enquiry, pending, cancelled and much more make the process more convenient.  

Detailed reviews:

As said before, reviews builds trust to the rental system. In case of booking, rating & reviews play a major role. Such high-valued, detailed reviews are maintained in a robust back-end. Here admin can view, check the review and has the authority to add a new review to the reservation. The cumulative start rating of the owner is shown on the listing to be viewed.

Owner Dashboard:

The owner can see their business improvements on their dashboard. Makent Cars lists out complete transaction details like expected to earn and paid-outs month wise. 

Exclusive Unique Features In Makent Cars’s Admin Panel:

Manage Dispute:

In any unpleasant situation, both owner and rider can raise a dispute. Admin can monitor the dispute, also they can view the conversation between the owner and rider. So that, admin discuss and clears the dispute.

Owner Penalty:

The cancellation of the accepted reservation by the owner will be penalized. Those owner penalties, are viewed and managed by the admin. Also, admin can have a track on the owner and reservation details.

Manage Reports:

In the Admin panel we have the option for downloading the reports such as User, car reservation. The  Admin can export the data as excel, pdf, csv formats and print the details.

Help Page:

  • In Makent Cars we have the option for creating the help and help page categories.
  • So it will be useful for the Admin to set the help pages. The Admin can also add sub categories for the help pages.

Manage Reviews:

  • Makent Cars has a detailed review system. The User and the owner can provide a detailed review about the platform. The review might be helpful for improving the listing.

Manage Referral:

Red carpet to your new users & credit points for the existing users who have invited them. This advantageous promotional activity can be viewed and managed by Makent cars’s Admin. Additionally, admin can set the user credit limit, new user travel credit, and owner’s credit points.

Site Setting:

In site settings, Admin earns complete liberty to manage the rental site. Makent cars offers,

  • In the case of server maintenance/site update, admin can “On” the maintenance mode.
  • The admin can set the admin prefix as per their taste.
  • In a local or the cloud-integrated, the admin can upload files required to the system.
  • In the admin panel, admin can change the Date format throughout the system.
  • Admin can set Paypal & default currency in the admin panel.

Final Words:

Above described are the unique features in Trioangle’s Airbnb Clone for car rentals. If you wanna stand out among rental community approach us at [email protected]