Uber have many features for riders which you all know. But, what about the drivers? The app used by drivers are completely different from riders and their features too. Here is a glance of 5 amazing features for Uber drivers as follows:

1.Heat maps

Uber driver app shows the heat map areas which has high demand for cabs. This helps the drivers to move that place which has more rides. This way, drivers have less waiting time for a trip as well as fuel consumption. It will also help the riders to start their ride on time.

2.Auto-pilot Option

By enabling the option, the next ride will be accepted automatically once the current ride is completed. This will help to driver to not to distract while driving.

3.Driver Reports

Uber sends report to their drivers about their driving pattern compare to other drivers in the city. Reports includes number of rides, cancelled rides and amount earned.The app also sends periodic reminders about the importance of taking breaks, while crossing the speed limit, and stats of acceleration-braking behaviour.

4.Pause Feature

Uber introduced the Pause Requests option to move drivers to offline for short duration. This helps the drivers to have their lunch, fuel their cab and take rest for a while. Uber keeps track of drivers who take many breaks and removes Pause Requests option from the driver app for a while to ensure this feature is not for absurd.

5.Forward Dispatch.

Based on the Uber algorithm, the rider next to the driver will be connected even they are in trip and about to close the ride within 5 or 10 minutes, rather connecting with the idle driver who are far away from the riders place. This will help the drivers to save fuel and drivers to start their on time.

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