Nowadays getting new products has been an expensive work, in terms of money and time. Even buying products online is still not a reliable task, also eats a lot of time and money. Better to waste money on buying new products that consume our limited space, we can opt for rental products. The concept of the shared economy in renting your unused better-conditioned products will earn you money.

Online Rental Business:

At present, “rental” has been trending word. It is simple, easy, secured to buy/sell products rental. Each and every product that is unused now, also with better working can be rented. This shared process benefits both buyer and seller. Some of the best online rental businesses are listed here,

Online Property rental:

Online rental property deals with renting of living property, through which property like apartments, houses, even rooms can also be rented. An online intermediate guides both hosts and guests on property renting and both earn profits. The working flows as,

  • Select a best, effective app or website for online rental business.
  • The house owners/host can sign up the site and list the renting house with snapshots, facilities present and other details asked.
  • Now guests can create their own profile and search for property listing with location and date. Search for property availability, select, book and pay for that property.
  • The site has a rating system, both guest and host can rate each other if any security or damage of items, based on policies penalty will be placed.
  • For every booking, intermediate will get a service fee.

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Online Car Rental:

Through an online car rental business, get a stage to rent your unused cars and make profits. The online car rental site stands as an interface to connect both car owners and users. The working process flows as,

  • Initially select a best, trustworthy, effective peer to peer car sharing app or website.
  • Then car owners, should create their own profiles and register their car service by providing other details about the car and its availability.
  • The user has to sign the website or app for the service when the user’s need car service they have to search for car in the listing, the book and pay car according to their budget.
  • After the rental day is over, the user will return the car to the owners safely. If there is any damage, based on company norms the penalty will be placed.
  • For every booking, intermediate will get a payment denoted as a percentage.

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Online Book Rental:

Online book rental is service through which users can rent their books through the internet. This e-commerce model allows users to surf for better books

  • At first, book lender and borrower can set their own profiles in an interactive, best site or mobile app.
  • Book lender can post their unused book, with explicit details.
  • Book borrower can surf for their wished book both physical and digital formats, then payment process can be continued.
  • The book will be home delivered after the rental period gets over the book can be returned.
  • For every booking, intermediate will get a payment denoted as a percentage.


Online Costume Rental:

Getting a luxurious designer dress for a grand function will clear your budget, instead of renting it will save some money. It is both beneficial for the buyer and getter.


  • Initially, buyer and renter can log into their own profiles in an effective, trustworthy app or website.
  • Dress owner can add attractive photos of the designer dress and can quote a rental price plus other essential details.
  • The buyer can surf for a better dress, finally a choice is made, amp up your look with accessories from the website inventory, also can set their own rental duration and delivery date.
  • After the rental period over, the product is returned safely.
  • The intermediate site gets benefit with a service fee.


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