The number of devastating natural calamities like hurricanes and wildfires leaves many families displaced. Airbnb, an epitome in online rental business, now takes social responsibilities on its shoulder. The new feature of Airbnb builds a platform for people to show global humanitarian. Since 2012 Airbnb host has helped people make sure about their safety by providing places to stay. By the way, affected people lives are rebuilt.

Open Homes – Service On Emergency

Open House is a platform to rescue refugees, even easier and safer than other authorized resettlement agencies. Open Homes are in testing phase at San Jose, California, where community members of Airbnb those who like to offer help for evacuees, can list their homes

Working – Airbnb host, those who wish to list their homes for free can signup and enroll. The host holds a control of guest stay periods, host home available period and other supporting factors. After approval with NGO, Airbnb joins hand with it and provide online rental services. In case of refugees can’t contact Airbnb host, they make a link with NGO agency managers. Airbnb educates managers to book house being offered $0, when they find a home, they can contact home and ensure they meet requirements of refugees. The guest stay depends on the host and also local regulations. Partner agencies will reach out host directly and the information is shared before booking.

Join Hosting Community – If you wish to donate your property and providing shelters for people who are affected by devastating disasters.

  • Join The Community  – Host who would like to help people and rebuild their lives, Initially, they should provide details about them and create a profile for them, such profile is verified. This how new members can join the helping society. Existing members can log in with their credentials.
  • Sign up Your Home – New host can list their property by giving details like home type, room type, number of guests can the property accept. Filters are used to find appropriate listings. Existing members can choose current listing of them. The payment options at present for the need from partner agencies is $0. This can change over a period of time and country to country regulations. In the future payment options may shift from partial and full.
  • Help Someone In Need –  Once the host is signed up and property are listed, they can help someone in need. NGO agency who are partners of Airbnb and verified account holders will be able to send a request to stay in the host home.

Check Availability –  The room availability can be controlled using “Calendar Tool” in “Manage Listing”. In Makent – Best Airbnb Clone script by Trioangle Technologies provide a new iCalendar for the exchange of data from other calendar systems. If you have created your listing directly through the site, shows available only to partner agencies and your home is not viewable by the general Airbnb community.

Open Homes, renting for refugees are now possible through the connected medium. Airbnb clone is same as Airbnb, which wish to service for common people by showing humanity using technology.