Unique selling point or unique selling propositions tells about unique benefit of the company, product or service. USP shows the essence of the product and how it differs from others. It is an important key before you buy that product.

Now, I would like to highlight the uniqueness of our best Airbnb Clone – Makent.

16 Unique Selling Points Of Makent (Best Airbnb Clone Script)

2 to 3 Days To Start Business – Our readymade Airbnb clone script, paves way for budding entrepreneurs to start business instantly.

Admin Roles & Management – Seamless management of rental business by splitting up of works among sub-admins.

Host Experience – Stand out in your rental community with Makent’s exclusive “Host Experience”, that is available in both web and mobile apps.

Send Mass Set Of Emails – Keep up to date and retain your customers with bulk email sending options. Entrepreneurs can share vouchers, offers here.

Change of languages – Globalise your business with multiple languages option. Both Users and Admin can change the language as per their preferences.

Multiple Currencies – Widespread the rental business among various nations with multiple currencies option.

Lifetime Script License – Entrepreneurs can get Airbnb clone script for once and use it for their lifetime. 

Rebranding – A step for customers to reach your products and services in an effective way to  increase profits also customer loyalty.

iCalendar – Users get comfortable with iCal option to book and sync dates. It is very much beneficial for hospitality industry.

Shared Room Option – A choice to share room and earn by listing lesser space is possible in Airbnb clone. One of the core features in Airbnb. 

Varied Booking Option – Guest can book their preferred space in real-time. They get comfortable with multiple booking options.

Pricing Rules – A way forward to attract the users with offers. Numerous pricing policies helps in it.

Space Listing Portal – Host can list their space in detail with well-packed space listing portal connected to robustive backing system.

Dispute Management – Admin can manage any unpleasant situation in between Hosts and Guests easily.

Cancellation Policy – With standardised cancellation policy (Flexible, Moderate, and Strict) that we enforce to protect both hosts and guests.

Got kindled with its features and functionalities then checkout Airbnb clone script. Want to try it live then tap to http://makent.trioangle.com/, or else enjoy a live demo on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pmOOsm5FL0&t=529s. For further queries contact [email protected]